The body of water that mariners and stevedores have been talking about for centuries. We filmed what we saw for four months. There is more to nature in this area of the North Sea

Director/writer/producer - Pablo Behrens

Production by - Burning films Ltd, London UK

London's Last Wilderness. (Short Trailer - Episode 2). from Alex Ochman on Vimeo.

'London's Last Wilderness' is an upcoming documentary that explores the mystery of London's last stretch of untamed nature. The Thames Estuary, with it's powerful tides, dangerous mudflats and surging currents has proven a cemetery for many vessels entering Britain's capital. Join our voyage exploring the impact climate change, urbanisation and industry has had on shaping the future of London's precious river.

Produced & Directed by Pablo Behrens
2nd Unit Director: Alex Ochman
Cinematography by Laurie Hills and Alex Ochman
Music by Kumar
Trailer edited by Alex Ochman

Burning Films Ltd.
London 2020

Original Music

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