Music supervisor

Papiyon Vole

Léo comes from a place where people do bad things to get ahead. He accepts a job smuggling a refugee couple through France. While on this seemingly simple journey, Léo learns that the expectations he and his passengers carry are not in line. How far is he willing to go for these strangers he had no intention of helping.

A thief on the last job of his life

                                           Original Score

A raucous comedy set inside a fictitious retirement home, following the antics of three elderly residents and their relationship with the site manager who only has eyes for the aerobics instructor.

The Enemy Within

                                           Original Score

A young artist finally experiencing the fruits of success becomes caught in his own ambition. As he is attempts to pull his own self together he pushes away the people closest to him. Delivered all in rhyming verse the film questions love, without it What Else is there?

                                           Original Score


Stormy Weather

Spin Things - Channel

                                           Original Score

Film London - The Waking Dream

"Capture the now", the present is the real moment. 

Learning for life, a motto behind this international montessori school. 

                                         Musical - Poetry

                                           Original Score

The Party

On the 18th June 1984, in South Yorkshire England, one of the most violent clashes in British industrial history took place.The Battle of Orgreave.

Rabbit stew, Froggy you

                                           Original Score

                                           Original Score

A real-life drama set inside a hospice, capturing the connection between two sisters coming to terms with loss and grief.

Swans are not the only birds

                                        Musical poetry

 Unexpected guest brings a troublesome atmosphere. Is that black magic?

 What Else

Film maker traps himself in an experiment trying to capture the life of real time serial killer. 

George, a retired widower as he attempts to get used to his newly-installed hearing aids, whilst establishing  a new life for himself in a different-sounding world.

Sound and music editor, co-composer and Sound Mixer                                           

The night is a place of thought 

Your hair is too high

                                          Music Producer

A fantasy drama/animation which follows the story of 8-year-old Theo and a surprise, magical journey of discovery in Martinique.

                                           Original Score


Jess and Lucy

Do not disturb

                                            Original score

What happened? what happened! God you are a fool. Not really..........

My idols tho are my mom and dad, they thought me how to hustle .............

Mining the memories. Recalling past, paying visit...........

The Pink Peg Slax are a rockabilly band from Leeds with a notably irreverent attitude to both their music and their audience.

Bunch of young frogs quacking around. QUACK QUACK..........

                                            Original score

Limited Permit

                                                                Sound Mixer

Matter Of Black

                                           Original Score


A poem for the fam

  Music for Licensing


Two friends on a road trip watch yet another black man shot by police on social media, sparking a lyrical convo exploring race, justice and hope. 


She had a dream

There is always something to celebrate, what can you capture at this moment, right now...........

Film based on Lady Macbeth’s famous quote “out damned spot”; spoken as she walks in her sleep dreaming about washing blood from her hands.

                                             Original Score and Sound

Rain Check

Dark Water

                                          Score adviser

One More Thing Before You Go